Infectious Diseases

Bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites are ever-present in our modern lives. Much as we have experienced environmental impacts to our health over time, these microorganisms have also changed as a result of the changing environment. And while we have become weaker because of these changes, many microorganisms have become stronger and more pathogenic. In the perspective of conventional medicine, there is little we can do to prevent infections besides avoiding those who are ill and washing our hands frequently, and treatment of infections relies heavily on the use of antibiotics, anti virals, and other anti microbial medicines to kill or manage acute and chronic infections. From the Biological Medicine perspective, infectious diseases are almost always the result of an imbalance in intestinal flora and a weakened immune system.

At Paracelsus, we start by examining your intestinal flora (the microorganisms that live in our small and large intestines, which make up approximately 70% of our immune system). We work with your body to eliminate "bad" bacteria and to restore "good" bacteria. After that, we use a variety of therapies and treatments including hyperthermia, infrared sauna, and homeopathy to help boost the activity of the immune system. Once your intestinal flora and immune system are healed, your body can rely on its natural defenses to fight the agents that cause infectious diseases and recurring infections.

Lyme Disease – Conventional medicine views Lyme disease as a chronic infection with symptoms that must be managed using a host of powerful antibiotics to kill the bacteria responsible for the infection, and many other medications to control the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of using antibiotics. One of the adverse issues associated with antibiotic use is that the medication cannot recognize the difference between your normal, healthy gut flora and the pathogenic bacteria you are trying to eliminate. As a result, people trying to recover from Lyme disease frequently suffer secondary infections as the antibiotics that kill the pathogen also weaken their intestinal flora and natural defenses. At Paracelsus, our treatment of Lyme disease involves boosting the intestinal flora and immune system to naturally fight this infection. For more information on our Lyme disease treatment, click here.

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