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A diagnosis of cancer is among the most dreaded news a patient may get from his or her doctor. Despite all the research and development work by conventional medicine, most people realize that lifetime mortality rates for most cancers have not really improved in the last 35 years – the medical system appears only to be diagnosing earlier and treating more aggressively.

Even in our holistic perspective on how the body works, cancer is the ultimate loss of health, the end result of a long process of cellular and organ breakdown. Fortunately, however, in our view and experience, the biological processes that lead to cancer can be arrested and often reversed. The result is that for us, cancer can commonly be managed as a chronic disease, akin to diabetes, rather than a fatal condition to be feared. Importantly, this management occurs without side effects from drugs, surgery or radiation – in fact, your overall health also improves dramatically.

The basics of our anti-cancer regime are common to all forms of cancer, and include detoxification, intestinal and nutritional strengthening, and upbuilding of the immune system. These therapies address the underlying causes of cancer that are usually ignored by conventional medicine. However, with cancer we also use interventions such as neural therapy and other methods to attack the cancer directly. We frequently work in conjunction with the patient’s conventional practitioners, especially in cases where the patient comes to us after initial treatment by conventional methods.

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Types of cancer we treat

Breast Cancer – This is the most common cancer we see. Most patients present shortly after their initial surgery, when they are focused on preventing recurrence. Many have decided not to have the chemotherapy or radiation that are often recommended as adjunctive therapies post-surgery, given the terrible side effects for a relatively small improvement in their prognosis, and turn to us as an alternative. Less often, women come to us right after their initial diagnosis rather than accept any conventional care. In all these cases, our experience has been very positive: in the hundreds of patients with localized breast cancer we have followed over the years, not one patient has experienced metastasis. Patients who have advanced metastatic disease when they first come to us are of course more difficult cases, but we have had reasonable success with arresting the progress of the disease even in these circumstances. And we see many such patients who turn to us as a last resort; in such advanced cases, we are often effective even when conventional medicine has given up. Key to our treatment is an intensive shift of the internal milieu that gave rise to the cancer in the first place. For more information on our breast cancer treatment, click here.

Prostate Cancer – Our methods have great success with this form of cancer in part because it is usually slow-moving, allowing time for our biological approach to overtake the disease. Unfortunately, there are no conclusive indicators as to which case is aggressive and which is not. PSA often remains low even when the disease is aggressive; on the other hand, a high PSA does not necessarily mean aggressive disease. Therefore, we initially treat all prostate cancers as though they are aggressive, then monitor the patient’s progress through other means. Again, we see patients at every stage of the disease: right after initial diagnosis, when they fear conventional surgery or radiation due to the dire side effects, especially incontinence and impotence; after initial conventional treatment, when the patient’s primary concern is preventing recurrence; and advanced metastatic cases, where the outlook with conventional treatment is poor. Fortunately, the location of the prostate makes it relatively easy to administer localized hyperthermia with Indiba, which destroys the relatively weak cancer cells and stimulates the immune system without side effects. Besides our other basic cancer therapies, we also utilize homeopathic concentrations of anti-androgen hormones, which have the benefits of conventional hormone therapy without their adverse effects on sexual potency.

Lymphoma – Lymphoma is most importantly a disease of toxicity. Here our methods of liver and whole-body detoxification, dental care, intestinal strengthening and upbuilding of the immune system are highly effective. Unfortunately, many patients first present to us in relatively advanced stages of the disease when they are also quite weakened from long-term conventional treatments and their side effects. Even in these cases, our results compare favorably with conventional methods, and in our methods there are essentially no side effects. However, progress in such cases can take time: it took many years to develop the disease, and it will take time to reverse it. Encouragingly, our ability to quickly arrest its progress is quite good.

Leukemia – Like lymphoma, in leukemia toxicity is almost always involved, but the breakdown of health finds expression in the blood-creating tissues. Our methods are quite effective at every stage of the disease. As with lymphoma, advanced cases take time to show progress, but in almost all cases, we are able to show immediate and lasting improvement.

Other cancers – Because of the nature of our practice, we see cancer in many forms, including the most difficult cases. We believe such cases are especially challenging for conventional medicine because they are not readily diagnosed or treated from a reductionist perspective. Biological Medicine always offers a perspective from which the cancer can be seen as the natural outcome of a set of known factors, most of which are reversible, even genetic expression.

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