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Prostate Cancer

John, 54, came to the Clinic seeking an alternative to the prostatectomy recommended by his conventional urologist. He had been offered "watchful waiting" by one practitioner, but without any suggestions for lifestyle or other changes. He had been diagnosed in the United States with prostate cancer as the result of his regular annual physical, which showed a PSA of 4.1, triggering a 12-needle biopsy and the finding of cancer, probably organ-confined, Gleason score 6 (3 + 3). He was otherwise in good health with a normal-sized prostate for a man of his age and had no urological symptoms of any kind. His medical history, lab tests and exams showed a pattern of low-level systemic inflammation, including years of rosacea and long-term treatment with antibiotics, toxic levels of mercury and palladium, an inflammatory diet heavy in grilled meat, suppressed immune function, a past history of smoking and exposure to DDT, a longstanding pattern of overwork and stress, and two impaired detoxification pathways due to genetic mutations. From the perspective of Biological Medicine, this is a classic profile of toxicity, impaired nutrition and digestion, and weakened immune function. He was put on a thorough regimen of detoxification including whole body hyperthermia; digestive and nutritional support, including dietary modifications; neural therapy and Indiba to attack the cancer directly; homeopathics and nutritional supplements; removal of dental amalgam, replacement of his palladium-alloy crowns, and removal of a dead tooth on the prostate meridian; and infusion therapy. He has also been receptive to work on stress and psychological factors. He has since shown a reduction in tumor size and vascularization (as confirmed by color Doppler sonography) and stable PSA. He visits the Clinic two to three times a year for "tune-ups." Three years after diagnosis, his long-term prognosis is excellent.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic abdominal pain

Anita's illness began with flu-like symptoms. The symptoms soon worsened -- pain in every muscle and joint of her body, and a debilitating fatigue. She was referred to a rheumatologist, who suspected an autoimmune disease. After more tests, the syndrome was labeled as "undifferentiated connective tissue disorder" and she was given several medications that produced a lot of side effects but no improvements. Meanwhile, she was bedridden for weeks in a row. For the next seven years she consulted with more specialists and grew increasingly frustrated. Most of them, unable to understand or cure the disease, labeled it as depression or hinted that she was fabricating it. Finally, she was fortunate to become a patient of the Paracelsus Clinic.

Dr. Rau started from ground zero and, after running a series of tests, in just four days was able to determine the underlying causes of her disease. He found a genetic problem, but also that the pain was due to the Eppstein-Barr virus and her fatigue to Cytomegalovirus. Moreover, while all the other doctors had dismissed the importance of Brucellosis, Dr. Rau knew very well the consequences of this serious disease, even though it had manifested itself in its acute form three decades ago. After three two-week stays at the Clinic, Anita says, "I can say that I have my life back. The pain has almost disappeared, my energy has come back, my headaches are rare and mild, and the fog in my brain has dissipated. At Paracelsus I have not only found a cure to my disease but also respect, understanding, and unconditional support within a framework of professionalism, expertise, and kindness."

Leaky gut syndrome, food allergies and dysbiosis

George, 62, sought treatment at the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle for persisting intestinal problems which had started decades ago. Conventional medicine diagnosed him with psychosomatic dystonia, irritable bowel syndrome and osteoarthritis. The Biological Medicine diagnosis was food intolerance to dairy protein with consequent leaky gut syndrome, severe intestinal dysbiosis, a dental infection, and toxic load due to long-term heavy metal exposure and toxic bowel lesions. A comprehensive stool analysis uncovered a significant lack of Lactophilus, Bacteroides and Bifidus bacteria and an overgrowth of the unfriendly bacteria, Klebsiella and Clostridia. The dental infection was linked to a tooth that, according to Chinese medical teachings, corresponded to the intestines. This intestinal meridian ran through the precise location of a stinging pain in his right knee. After the tooth extraction, the pain in the knee effectively disappeared, with no relapses to date. The Biological Medicine approach links leaky gut or irritable bowel syndrome to a combination of heavy metal toxicity, intestinal dysbiosis, food allergies, or a lack of good trace elements. The Clinic's recommended diet and supporting, naturopathic medication improved George's condition considerably.

Ulcerative colitis

Nella, 22, came to Paracelsus after several years of struggling with ulcerative colitis. When she first sought treatment, the entire large intestine was affected (pancolitis), and she was given sacame lazopirine and cortisone. These worked initially and the symptoms disappeared, but a few months later when she started to reduce her cortisone dosage, she had a relapse and had to start again, this time also taking immuno-suppressants. When medication was stopped due to dangerously low white blood cell count, symptoms became so severe she was running to the bathroom up to 25 times a day, sometimes with blood, and was put on a maximum dose of cortisone. About one month later she had a very bad relapse while still on the cortisone, with high fever and weight loss, and it became necessary to have additional hydrocortisone injected intravenously four times a day, every six hours. She had become fully steroid-dependent.

While this helped with the symptoms, it was around this time that Nella started having very bad side-effects from the cortisone. During this phase of injections four times a day, she was very weak and spent most of the day in bed. Her muscles had atrophied and she needed support to walk, her hands trembled, and she developed arthritis symptoms with extreme pain, especially in her wrists. Her hair was falling out and she had the classic 'moon face' that cortisone causes. Her skin thinned so much that it would literally tear and form dark purple stretch marks. A top specialist insisted that her entire large intestine had to be removed unless she wanted to risk future cancer.

Nella's parents were fortunate to discover Paracelsus during this critical stage. After one year, Nella was off all chemical medication, looked and felt healthy, and her blood tests were perfect -- nothing on paper suggested that she had colitis. As for her symptoms, they improved dramatically and with the help and support of Paracelsus she proceeded with her university studies. Now seven and a half years later, she has completed her studies in England, is a qualified lawyer, and has recently started a new job. Naturally she sometimes has a 'bad' phase, usually due to stress or bad eating, but these phases pass quickly. Years ago it would take weeks or even months for such a phase to pass, now it only takes a few days at most. She has been cortisone-free since September 2002 and with the Paracelsus medication, especially the infusions that she has regularly, she maintains a good standard of health. She continues to have her regular check-ups and reviews her medication with Dr. Rau about every six months.

Breast cancer

Kelly, 58, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, a huge shock after years of nearly perfect health. Within 10 months, she experienced a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and a total hysterectomy. Though she had a "good attitude" she was not used to drugs, and the chemo and radiation wore her down. She also missed a year of work.

During and after treatments, she experienced emotional ups and downs, aches, especially in her joints, low energy, and looked about 10 years older. The hit to her nervous system was overwhelming, and she wasn't sleeping. Even with support from close family, local conventional therapists and therapeutic bodywork colleagues, she was slowly getting better, but not able to get back to where she was before the chemo and radiation. She was assured by all that she was doing much better than most.

Kelly asked her conventional doctors what she could do to (1) have any idea what caused this, (2) get past the ravages of the chemo and radiation, and (3) prevent a recurrence. They said: (1) no one knows, (2) it'll happen on its own over time; just rest and eat well and exercise, and (3) eat a balanced diet, don't get fat, don't smoke, not more than 4 glasses of wine each week, exercise, and keep your stress level down. But, Kelly had followed all these guidelines before the diagnosis. The doctors had no more suggestions about how to prevent a recurrence.

This is when she decided to come to Paracelsus. The diagnostic tests provided a lot of information and she got some very good ideas of what may have caused her diagnosis. Under supervision, the detoxification procedures were gentle and effective. She reached a point in the second week where she could tell by the way her body and mind felt that the chemo and radiation were out of her body. The Paracelsus medical team gave her instructions on diet, supplements, treatments and lifestyle changes that have been used by women with similar diagnoses and who have not had recurrences. The treatments were gentle and she felt better after each one, not worse.

Feeling happier, ambitious again and emotionally stable, her aches and pains are gone and energy is returning rapidly. The aging has reversed, she can relax again, and her sleep is better than it's been in 11 years. Kelly says, "I feel I've been given my life back again and my husband says 'my wife is back!' I'm back at work and enjoying it. Without exception, the doctors, nurses, therapists and administrators were friendly, efficient and caring. The whole experience exceeded my expectations! The medical area, dental area, and hotel are all coordinated and it really works! It is in a beautiful and safe community in a gorgeous part of the world. It all works to benefit healing."

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