Therapeutic Methods

The breakdown of the body’s regulatory systems that leads from symptoms to degeneration to disease can be reversed, but not easily. We employ a wide range of therapies simultaneously. Fortunately, the process is not difficult for the patient. On the contrary, most enjoy the experience of spending all day being cared for, often saying this is the first time in their lives they have ever done something like this for themselves.

We use dozens of therapies to treat these conditions, but the principal ones are:

  • Detoxification. This is a cornerstone of our approach. We detoxify the liver, the large and small colon, the lymphatic system and the blood using a myriad of methods, including dietary changes, Dr Rau’s Liver Cleanse (a week-long process), whole body hyperthermia, lymph massage, vitamin and ozone infusions, homeopathic remedies, and others.

  • Dietary changes. Another foundation of our medicine, which over time becomes our principal method. Dietary changes are vital for detoxification, intestinal strengthening and immune upbuilding – all three healing phases. In addition to providing every meal according to Dr Rau’s principles, all patients receive nutritional counseling that is personalized to their situations. Food is our most important medicine.

  • Neural therapy. A third key element, neural therapy, is essential to our ability to achieve quick progress. While few patients enjoy injections, ours are quite gentle, and the improvement is generally so tangible that no one objects. And there is no better way to deliver our homeopathic and other remedies directly where they are needed.

  • Dental care. A fourth key element, and one that is sadly overlooked in conventional and most alternative medicine, is dental care. We rarely see a patient whose primary health concern, be it cancer or digestive problems, does not have a dental dimension. Our practitioners are all highly qualified biological dentists, and our patients report their care is excellent and usually less expensive than at home.

  • Homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements. Homeopathics and supplements give an important boost to our other therapies, and in many cases play a crucial role in restoring health. Supplements are no substitute for a proper diet but when dealing with a disease or degenerative state, extra doses of nutrients, especially minerals and antioxidants, given under medical supervision, are often helpful in reversing the condition.

  • Whole body hyperthermia. Basically an induced fever state, whole body hyperthermia both detoxifies and powerfully stimulates the immune system. A nurse is present at all times and the procedure is done under a doctor’s supervision. This is our most active treatment for cancer and autoimmune disorders.

  • Colon therapy. This comprises two methods, colon cleansing with warm water followed by repopulation with healthy bacteria. The cleansing is a wonderful detoxifier, undoing years of damage from poor diet, unfriendly flora, toxins and prescription medications, especially when done in conjunction with our dietary changes and other detoxification methods. The repopulation accomplishes in one session what would take months with diet alone. Together these therapies are very effective at reducing inflammation and restoring healthy digestive, immune and hormonal function.

  • Therapeutic massage. We offer many types of massage, including myo-reflex massage, which is very powerful at releasing blocked energy, reducing pain and restoring range of motion; matrix regeneration therapy, which stimulates lymph and immune function; lymph drainage massage, which clears the lymph quickly; and several other types designed to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Breathing exercises (heart rate variability therapy). The science is very clear that proper breathing stimulates the body’s healing processes, from immune function to cell regeneration. Conversely, improper breathing hastens degeneration. We measure your breathing’s effect on your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems (the autonomic nervous systems) and coach you on how to do better, using our patented feedback system. You will actually hear the music of your own rhythms.

  • Emotional and energetic counseling. We never see a patient whose condition does not have an emotional or psychological dimension. Many of the most advanced thinkers in medicine believe emotional factors are one of the causes of disease. We are certain that emotional factors can block healing, and that those patients who pursue emotional and energetic counseling to overcome those blocks progress faster and further. We have several counselors on staff and patients are encouraged to pursue what feels best for them.

  • Infusions. Patients receive regular infusions, basically of two types. The first is a mixture of antioxidants, homeopathics and other remedies. The second involves drawing a small amount of the patient’s own blood, ozonating it in a special machine, and returning it to the patient’s bloodstream – a most powerful antioxidant. Both types stimulate and support immune function, reduce inflammation and restore energy and vitality.

  • Indiba. Many years ago we discovered a wonderful machine that uses a special frequency of electronic energy to stimulate and warm tissue. The effect is to destroy cancer cells while stimulating and supporting normal cells and immune function. The machine comes with various probes to allow the energy to be applied locally only where needed.

  • Other. As needed, we employ many other therapies, from infrared sauna to acupuncture. We are also in the midst of a very fine conventional medical community as well, one that recognizes the value of our approach, and happily works with us if surgery or other conventional therapies are needed in conjunction with ours.

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