Restoring the Body

The role of nutrition in restoring regulatory forces

Good nutrition is as essential to good health as breathing! Eating provides the body with the basic building blocks that it needs to renew itself, cell by cell. Almost every system and process in the body is influenced by the nutrients that we take in from our diet, making healthy nutrition an absolute must.

Poor nutrition and food intolerances are the second most common cause of chronic illness – second only to heavy metal toxicity. At Paracelsus, we evaluate the health of your intestinal flora, your food allergies and sensitivities, and your optimal level of key vitamins and minerals. Using this information, we provide you with an individualized diet and supplementation plan designed to heal your digestive system and boost nutrient absorption.

The typical American diet is too high in animal protein, and lacks phytonutrient intake from fruits and vegetables. As a result, the typical American diet leads to an overly acidic body. When the body is too acidic, lactates build up in cells, and this leads to cell damage that can make you more susceptible to a host of conditions, including certain cancers. At the foundation of the approach developed by Dr Rau is a vegetarian based diet that is high in healthy vegetable oils. By following Dr Rau’s diet, you are providing your body with the base it needs to heal.

We also help you reduce your food allergies, thus decreasing the burden on your immune system. This is especially important for cancer patients and those with autoimmune disorders. Undetected food allergies weaken your immune system making it difficult to heal from your disease.

The role of detoxification in restoring regulatory forces

When the liver cannot properly detoxify the body, cellular waste and toxins build up in the systems of the body including the organs and adipose, or fat, tissue. As a result, these toxins impair normal function leading to dysregulation. A person whose body is too "toxic" has a much higher likelihood of developing a chronic illness.

Simply put – you need to lighten your toxic load!

At the Paracelsus Kliniks we use a combination of diet, infusion therapy, colonic hydrotherapy and homeopathics to detoxify the body. By cleansing the liver and the colon, a path is created for toxins to exit the body. As these toxins leave the body, cells and tissues are able to return to their normal functions, restoring internal regulation.

When you are toxic, it is difficult for your lymphatic fluid to properly circulate through the body. This impairs the immune system, making it hard for your body to defend itself and heal. For this reason, detoxification is one of the first steps in all treatment programs at the Paracelsus Kliniks.

The role of building digestive strength in restoring regulatory forces

Almost 70 percent of the immune system resides in your intestinal tract. This branch of the immune system, made up of billions of friendly bacteria and yeast, are responsible for many functions including:

  • Promoting the health of the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract. Healthy mucous membranes are needed for proper nutrient absorption.
  • Detoxifying and de-acidifying the body. The probiotic bacteria remove toxins from the body and help remove acids via normal bowel movements. When the body is too toxic or too acidic, your immune system cannot function properly.
  • Producing vital nutrients. The bacteria in your intestinal tract produce a variety of vitamins and essential fatty acids that are required to maintain optimal health.
  • Defending against bad bacteria. Your probiotic flora offer resistance to bacteria and fungi, including systemic yeast, that cause disease.

With so much of your immune system depending on the health of your intestinal bacteria, we take special care at Paracelsus to determine whether you have the right number and kind of bacteria. After detoxification, digestive strength plays a major role in restoring regulation by supporting the immune system and enhancing nutrient absorption.

The role of immune system upbuilding in restoring regulatory forces

The last phase of treatment at the Paracelsus Klinik is aimed at strengthening the immune system's capabilities in the body. We believe that the root of most illnesses can be traced to faults in the immune system. Dr Rau sometimes uses an analogy with his patients of a properly cultivated yard that grows no weeds. Similarly, if we are supporting our immune system and the body’s ability to regulate itself, we should be able to live disease-free.

We use a variety of treatments, including isopathic and homeopathic remedies, hyperthermia, advanced supplementation and phytotherapy, ozone therapy, and infusions to strengthen the immune system. Many of these treatments activate the white blood cells, thereby boosting the body’s own natural defenses.

Given the critical role a healthy immune system plays in overall wellbeing, proper nutrition, detoxification, and intestinal strength are combined with therapies to enhance immune function, resulting in the restoration of the regulatory forces that help conquer disease.

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