Biological Medicine

Almost everyone visiting our website for the first time is looking for an alternative to the conventional care they are receiving for a significant health problem. For most, this health problem has come to dominate their lives, affecting work, relationships, their joy of living, and in many cases threatening to shorten their lives.

Too often, these people see that conventional medicine offers them not a cure but a holding action, promising to slow down their deterioration but at a terrible cost in their quality of life. We often hear new patients say their conventional treatment is almost as bad as their disease. They are open to trying something new.

The underlying premise of conventional medicine is that something is wrong with the body that must be fixed from outside – that somehow man knows what to do better than the body itself. Conventional medicine looks for acute symptoms but not the true causes of those symptoms. Surprisingly to us, conventional medicine is rarely concerned with why the patient got cancer or autoimmune disease or heart disease or a digestive disorder. The view is still that something is wrong with the body and the body is helpless to fix it.

In Biological Medicine we begin with the premise that the body’s normal state is health, and that if health is lost, something from outside has derailed the body. We find that the causes of disease are multi-factorial and that no single remedy will restore health. But we know that the body’s power to heal can always be reawakened if the underlying causes of disease are addressed and the body is given the support it needs to regenerate.

Biological Medicine centers on discovering underlying sources of illness so that a tailored treatment plan can restore the body to optimal health. Practitioners of Biological Medicine do more than simply alleviate symptoms, they look for the cause of those symptoms to resolve the underlying issue. The issues that we always look for include:

  • Toxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Trace element deficiencies
  • Intestinal disturbances, including the wrong types of bacteria in your gut flora
  • Food allergies and hidden intolerances
  • Dental and other mouth/jaw disturbances
  • Chronic viral infections
  • Electromagnetic disturbances
  • Proper acid-alkaline balance
  • Improper detoxification

We call our medicine biological because it uses the methods of life itself – it is "bio-logical." In the condition we call health, the body is in a constant conversation with the world around it, taking in nutrition, responding to threats of infection, growing and repairing and detoxifying, all happening moment by moment, in a rich symphony of life.

This complex balance is governed by the body’s regulatory mechanisms, and in Biological Medicine we view symptoms, degeneration and later actual disease as stages of a gradual breakdown in these mechanisms. This breakdown occurs in predictable patterns depending on the unhealthy factors affecting the individual, their own unique genetic makeup, environment and personal history.

Using the regulatory function of the body as our central medical theory helps us connect disorders and diseases with their root causes. And fortunately, the process of breakdown of the regulatory mechanism is reversible, allowing us to move toward health at any time in our lives. Of course, Biological Medicine is not a fountain of youth. All of us will die eventually. But we can and should live happy, long and vital lives. Isn’t that what we value about health?

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