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Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle is a complex of four buildings on a hillside in the beautiful Appenzell canton of Switzerland. With over 90 staff, including more than 60 medical practitioners, nurses and therapists, the clinic offers an enormous range of therapies, many unavailable elsewhere. Besides the medical treatment facilities, it includes a large dental complex, a pharmacy and a dedicated restaurant.

Founded over 50 years ago, Paracelsus has long been the largest and most successful center for alternative medicine in Europe. It attracts patients from around the world. Besides the thousands of patients it serves, the clinic hosts seminars for medical professionals to spread the methods of Biological Medicine internationally.

Dr Rau is personally responsible for training each new doctor in the ways of Biological Medicine using the treatments and therapies developed at the clinic. Specifically, Dr Rau’s approach integrates the medical treatment modalities with dental and pharmacy practices used to successfully treat many chronic, debilitating conditions. As a result, Dr Rau determines an individual treatment plan that is optimized for each patient, delivering the most effective combination of therapies.

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