About Paracelsus

Founded over 50 years ago, the Paracelsus Klinik has always been a center for the innovative, holistic approach at the core of Biological Medicine. In this long history, word of our success has spread, and we have come to attract patients from around the world.

about us

Today, Paracelsus employs nearly a hundred doctors, dentists, therapists, nutritionists and support staff in its Lustmühle clinic (about 50 miles east of Zürich).

Just as we draw patients from everywhere, with every kind of chronic and degenerative disease, so we also attract the finest professionals who want to practice our kind of medicine.

The result is a clinical experience that is unique both for patients and their caregivers. The quality and range of treatment, the competence and caring of our staff, the total immersion in your new health and self-care, the support from other patients – all these factors create a healing environment that leaves many patients saying, "I need to bring this into my life back home."

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