Welcome to the world of Biological Medicine - We treat the whole person, not just the symptoms

Modern medicine has many triumphs, but its treatments for chronic and degenerative disease are not among them. Reliance on conventional drugs, surgery and radiation does little to address the causes of the condition, with the result that treatment too often only slows the progression of the disease - sometimes with very little benefit - and too often at a terrible cost in quality of life for the patient.

Here at Paracelsus, we take a very different approach, relying instead on our ability to reinvigorate the body’s own life forces, which include its ability to heal and regenerate. We call this practice "Biological Medicine." Its methods arise from the distinct medical tradition of Switzerland and Southern Germany, which in the 500 years since the experiments of the original Paracelsus have evolved a more holistic and natural science of health.

Biological Medicine focuses on the body as a whole, instead of just treating symptoms, to determine why you are ill. We use the techniques of Biological Medicine to uncover the true causes of an illness so we can provide a comprehensive wellness solution. This is not simply a way to alleviate symptoms, but an approach that understands the way the body is supposed to function and restores the body to equilibrium, thereby ending symptoms and optimizing health.

At Paracelsus, we have been practicing Biological Medicine for over 50 years in a comprehensive wellness center located just east of Zürich. It is a place where people come to be made whole again - where they find the support their bodies need to detoxify, strengthen their digestion, and build a healthy immune system, all cornerstones to maximizing healing and maintaining health.

And Biological Medicine isn’t just for those battling a chronic illness. We have many programs aimed at prevention and aging well. The basic fundamentals of our approach can help you ward off a host of medical conditions, and ensure you enjoy all of your golden years to their fullest.

In our clinic we are not miracle workers, but we see miracles nearly every day. Patients who were given only a year to live a decade ago and are now thriving. Patients who came to us in wheelchairs who now enjoy dancing. Patients who have rediscovered their joy of living along with their newfound health.

For over 50 years, we have treated such people at Paracelsus, real people who have changed their lives with our help. This is very gratifying work that I am fortunate to share with a remarkable group of nearly a hundred doctors, therapists and staff in our clinic in Switzerland. I invite you to use this website to learn if we can help you, too.

Thomas Rau, MD

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